The Benefits of Real-Time Harvest Information For Farmers

Many industries across the United States have benefited from the value that real-time data and information brings to their business. Technology advances have allowed business owners to be in the loop with sales, website traffic, and more in real time. 

As a farmer, you are also a business owner and the operation of your farm goes far beyond the day-to-day work in the field. So what kind of real-time data has been available to farmers?

In the past, not much. The agricultural industry has been a bit behind other business sectors in the involvement of new technology in their operations but now the time has come. We are increasingly seeing farming integrate digital farming methods into their operations and experiencing the benefits of having real-time harvest information at the tip of their fingers on any given day

What is Digital Farming?

Digital farming refers to utilizing information and data technology to optimize farming systems and operations. It focuses on applying gathered data to allow farmers to intelligently optimize human labor productivity and increase the quality and quantity of their crops.

digital farming has a wide range of technology uses from IoT, robotics, drones, AI, and other software.

Digital farming practices are booming and can be applied to large agricultural corporations as well as smaller family-owned farms. Anyone can utilize software to help them better manage their farm operations through data, and now it’s easier than ever. 

How Farmers Can Benefit From Real-Time Harvest Information

1. Live Data Views

Traditionally farmers could obtain a snapshot of their information in hindsight, maybe displayed in a chart or spreadsheet, should they take the time to make one. With real-time data, however, visualizations reflect changes that occur within the farm in real-time.

It starts with Pipe Ag live view capabilities. With a quick glance at the screen, everyone on your team can see combine capacity within 1%, grain cart weights, and truck status. All machines are color-coded, so you immediately know their current status.

Displayed next to this information is a map that shows where everyone is in real-time.

2. Informed Decision-Making

As a business owner, farmer, and simply a human being you are expected to make an endless amount of decisions each and every day. Some are more pressing than others.

Decisions pertaining to your farming are best made when informed by data. Without real-time data, your decision process can be delayed or made with outdated information. 

The advantages of real-time data processing unlock the ability to move forward with business decisions in a timely and constructive way.

3. Enhanced Logistics

Tracking critical information like elevator dumps and mileage can be a hassle if you’re trying to do it with pen and paper. 

Pipe Ag simplifies many logistical processes while eliminating costly errors.

Anytime a truck enters a grain facility, a dump ticket is created. Once the driver receives their elevator ticket, they simply enter the necessary information onto their iPad, and from there, their elevator ticket can be accessed from wherever they are. The same goes for IFTA reports. All your truck drivers need to do is enter their total gallons, the amount paid, and their current odometer reading and Pipe Ag takes care of the rest.

4. Improved Operations

Overall productivity on your farm can be increased through Pipe Ag and real-time information. Real-time data can help identify current trends, how they are implemented, and where improvements can be made.

Real-Time Harvest Information Through Pipe Ag

Now is the time to join the growing digital farming movement. Pipe Ag has been created for any farmer to be able to implement easily. Whether you are well versed in technology or completely new to the concepts real-time harvest information through Pipe Ag can help you better manage your farm and make informed decisions. 

Ultimately we strive to help farmers thrive as we look to the future of Digital Farming and it starts by contacting us today!

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