Smart Farming, Digital Farming, Precision Farming- What’s The Difference?

The use of technology has become inescapable for every industry, including agriculture. Technology has actually brought unmatched value to farmers and the operations they run and manage. It isn’t surprising at all that farmers continue to adopt new technology practices every day.

Digital technology has continued to develop and evolve to better serve farmers. This also means the industry has developed new practices and new terminology to go along with it. You may have heard terms in the past few years like smart farming, precision farming, or digital farming. Many times these terms are used interchangeably but they actually have slight differences that make them unique to different farm practices.

Smart Farming

Smart farming refers to utilizing information and data technology to optimize farming systems and operations. It focuses on applying gathered data to allow farmers to intelligently optimize human labor productivity and increase the quality and quantity of their crops.

Smart farming has a wide range of technology uses from IoT, robotics, drones, AI, and other software.

Smart farming practices can be applied to large agricultural corporations as well as smaller family-owned farms. Anyone can utilize software to help them better manage their farm operations through data!

Precision Farming

Precision farming is all about optimization. How can you use your tools, labor, products, and resources in the most precise way to get the highest yield?

Precision farming was first seen when John Deere introduced GPS for their tractors in the 1990s. The goal of this was to reduce errors and increase crop yield by not wasting seed. Precision farming is utilizing technology to make every operation on your farm more accurate, optimized, and controlled.

Digital Farming

Digital farming really encompasses both smart and precision farming to create this whole new way of farming. PIPE AG software was created by a farmer for farmers who want to experience the benefits of Digital farming.

PIPE AG software allows farmers to put the ideas of smart and precision farming into action on their farms.

For farmers, digital agriculture allows for the opportunity to increase their farm’s production, save costs in the long term, and eliminate risks. Many view digital agriculture as the future of the agricultural industry.

If you have yet to jump into the world of precision and smart farming, PIPE AG software has digital farming solutions to improve the efficiency and managing costs of your farm. Contact PIPE AG today to get started in the digital farming world of possibilities.

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