Software built by a farmer, for the farmer.

PIPE AG is a hardware and software Ag technology company that focuses on improving logistics and efficiencies with the growers existing equipment. We use our unique technology and deep knowledge of farming and agriculture to fully understand the problems and frustrations that growers have. Our program runs off an app but does so much more as it connects to multiple sensors on machines and brings real-time connectivity to farms.

Satellite TeamView

See all your equipment in real-time in a satellite 2D/3D view with status. like grain cart weight, or the ETA of when your trucks will be back at the field.

Compaction Maps for Grain Carts

Instantly create compaction maps for controlled traffic during harvest in all of your fields that all carts can instantly see.

Touch&Go Directions

Eliminate giving directions to every place, every time, to everyone.

About our CEO - Roark Thompson

Ever since I was a little kid and first saw a tractor going across the a field, I knew I wanted to farm. I grew up on a 2,000 acre farm and while farming was always my main focus, I always seemed to have a deep understanding of technology. Like several great inventors, I took things apart as a kid but unlike them, I struggled to put any of it back together. At-least, until someone handed me a broken Nextel phone. I was able to take it apart, see what I thought was wrong, and solder two connections. When I put it back together (to my surprise) it worked. I was 14 and someone handed me $50 bucks for 15 minutes of work. From that point, my love for technology only grew. over the next 20 years we grew from a 2,000 acre farm to a 12,000 acre farm. as we grew in size, so did our technology needs. as I managed that technology I could see a need that most farmers weren’t getting. Technology in agriculture is really expensive and complicated. And typically it only works with one brand or platform. I knew I could build something better and cheaper that worked with everything. I still remain very involved with my family farm to this day, but my passion is bridging the generational gap, and showing Ag. how advanced and simple technology can be when its built right from the start.

Who we are

If technology is supposed to help us, why is it so hard to use?

PIPE AG is a company that believes in doing things different. We work almost exclusively in harvest, but we don’t make yield maps. We are hands-on service focused. and build things like compaction maps for grain carts. From integrated record keeping, to color-blind compatibility. We work to increase efficiency with your existing equipment. We believe technology doesn’t have to have generation skips, or leave anyone out.

what we do

To get started, we put an iPad in every combine, grain cart, and truck that you’re using for harvest. then we tie our sensors into each machine reporting to its specific iPad. then in 6 tenths of a second. All information is uploaded to the cloud, processed and sent back to every machine. When you open the app you’ll see satellite imagery of where you are, and where everyone else is ALL LIVE. along with their specific values. So if you’re running the grain cart, you can see how full each combine is within 1%. or when the next truck will be back. If I’m in the combine I can see the weight thats on the grain cart. But also every load thats been dumped, who did it and when, and the moisture. We give this tool to everyone in the operation. If every employee has a tool to help them make better or more educated decisions in-field. Then the operation as a whole starts to gain efficiency.

Past Harvest Runs / Customer Farms

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Paplow Harvesting - Paul and Gary Paplow out of Worthington MN. operate 8 Case IH 8250 combines and have some of the nicest trucks in the industry!
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JKD Harvesting - Jim Deibert out of Colby KS. Uses 6 John Deere S770 Machines 5 - 1300 bu. grain carts. and "however many it takes" for trucks on his operation.
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McGuire AG - Todd & Paul McGuire out of Urbana Ohio running Lexion and Claas Combines. Todd & Paul are innovators using PIPE AG's compaction map for the world's first variable rate tillage map.
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Thompson Farm - Alan Thompson out of Springfield Ohio. running 3 Lexion Combines with 16 row 30" corn heads. This is our family farm!
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Meet The Team

Roark Thompson - CEO
Darin Bovey - Sales

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