PIPE AG’s LIVE-VIEW has two main elements of information. on the left side, you have a list of everyone in your crew. you can see their speed, cart weight, and even how full each combine is within 1%. you can tap on any of these machine’s to zoom in directly to that machine.

On the right you have a full page satellite map with all of your machines all in real-time.

Everyone in your crew can see shared combine coverage, or a compaction map on a satellite image regardless of brand of combine or grain cart.

Ever ask yourself “where are the trucks at?” wonder no more. simply press our crew view on the map and the screen automatically zooms out to show you every truck on the road in real-time.

All equipment is color coordinated to match its “status” so trucks in red, are loaded and headed to the dump, yellow means they are at the dump and as soon as they leave you get an ETA of when they will be back to the field automatically, with zero input from the driver.

We design and build our own sensors for problem-free and maintenance free operation.

Since we design them ourselves, we’re able to to make “plug and play” wiring harness’s that are compatible with all brands and install in less than 15 minutes.