Do you find yourself looking for a simpler way to track IFTA reports? You can eliminate odometer pictures and paper logs with PIPE AG. We automatically track miles per state with the PIPE AG app running. The report is accessible to view by miles per day, week, month, or quarter. By clicking on a specific date, you can even view the route that was driven by each truck. Simplify your IFTA tax reports with PIPE AG!

With PIPE AG, truck operators can input their total gallons, amount paid, and odometer reading into the system that is then forwarded to the IFTA log/ printable report. No more last minute rushing to find missing receipts when an IFTA report is due! PIPE AG captures and stores this information to be accessible at your convenience. When an operator is inputting a fuel ticket, the ticket is auto generated by GPS to the closest city/state. Keep trucking an do less paperwork with PIPE AG’s IFTA logs!