The Benefits of Using Farm Management Software

Maintaining precise and thorough farm records is imperative for operating a successful farming business. It can also help track significant business milestones or goals, and crop history.

This era of information technology has made all this possible. Farm management software is being implemented across the country to better run and operate farming practices.

What is Farm Management Software?

Farm management software, such as PIPE AG, is a precision farming hardware and software solution that enhances your existing equipment and dramatically improves harvesting efficiency. It starts by placing iPads in every combine, grain cart, and truck that’s being used for your harvest. Our proprietary software then connects each of these devices, providing critical data and locations in real-time.

The Benefits of utilizing PIPE AG farm management Software include:

Realtime Harvest Information- With our live view capabilities and a quick glance at the screen, everyone on your team can see combine capacity within 1%, grain cart weights, and truck status. Our software has all machines color-coded, so you immediately know their current status.

Compaction mapping- Compaction can be damaging to your soil, especially if you’re harvesting while it’s wet. Though some compaction is unavoidable, it can greatly be reduced by keeping your tractors and grain carts on the same passes as much as possible. PIPE AG makes this easy to do.

With our digital farming software, compaction maps can be created in real-time, keeping your operators on as few paths as possible and protecting your soil.

Adressless Directions- Navigating farmland isn’t always easy. You can’t simply send your driver’s an address which generally leads to confusion and delays.

PIPE AG fixes this problem by providing “address-less” directions. Leveraging the power of Google Maps and modern GPS technology, PIPE AG can guide you and your employees to the exact spot you’re trying to reach with easy-to-follow turn-by-turn directions.

Tracking and Reporting- Tracking critical information like elevator dumps and mileage can be a hassle if you’re trying to do it with pen and paper. PIPE AG simplifies the process while eliminating costly errors.

Anytime a truck enters a grain facility, a dump ticket is created. Once the driver receives their elevator ticket, they simply enter the necessary information onto their iPad, and from there, your elevator ticket can be accessed from wherever you are.

Getting Started with Farm Management Software

With PIPE AG, you no longer have to wonder about how full your combine is, what weight your grain cart is at, or when your trucks will be back. You can see all of this information and more directly on the app. Satellite imagery lets you see locations, provides directions, and even creates compaction maps.

Best of all, anyone can use it, and it’s designed to integrate with your existing equipment. Contact us today if you’re ready to experience the next wave in precision farming!

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