Environmental Benefits of Precision Farming

Precision farming, also known as precision agriculture, is a way of farming that utilizes technology to use land, water, fuel, fertilizer, and all resources more efficiently. This type of farming supports sustainability in big ways as it cuts down on cost, time, and environmental impact. 

There are multiple different implications of precision farming that can be used based on the type of farming being done. Pipe AG technology, for example, is a precision farming software and hardware that equips farmers to improve harvesting efficiency. 

 Precision farming technology developed in the last decade has supported farms in their quest for increased productivity and sustainability. Many farmers don’t need to utilize all types of technology available but implementing the ones that enhance your farming operations can be powerful. 

Pipe Ag Sustainable Farming Technology

Compaction Tracking

Compaction can be damaging to your soil, especially if you’re harvesting while it’s wet. Though some compaction is unavoidable, it can greatly be reduced by keeping your tractors and grain carts on the same passes as much as possible. Pipe Ag makes this easy to do.

With our digital farming software, compaction maps can be created in real time, keeping your operators on as few paths as possible and protecting your soil. It also cuts down on time, labor, and fuel as it assures you are covering your land without overlap. 

GPS Guidance 

Navigating farmland isn’t always easy. Pipe AG fixes this problem by providing “address-less” directions. Leveraging the power of Google Maps and modern GPS technology, Pipe AG is able to guide you and your employees to the exact spot you’re trying to reach with easy-to-follow turn-by-turn directions.

This direct and easy navigation tool will save you and your team time, and fuel, and keep your soil healthier.

Machine Analytics

Tracking critical information like elevator dumps and mileage can be a hassle if you’re trying to do it with pen and paper. Not only does it take extra time and effort, but it’s vulnerable to human error. 

Pipe Ag simplifies the process while eliminating costly errors by encompassing the real-time monitoring of equipment, including location tracking, route suggestions, and idling. This technology helps to increase asset utilization and decrease the amount of fuel used.

The Data

Working alongside many environmental groups, the association of equipment manufacturers collected data on the impacts of precision farming on sustainability. The study was beneficial in showing that farmers who consistently use different types of precision farming saw positive results on increased sustainability as well as other advantages including:

  • 4% increase in crop production
  • 7% increase in fertilizer placement efficiency
  • 9% reduction in herbicide and pesticide use
  • 6% reduction in fossil fuel use
  • 4% reduction in water use

How do all of those improvements add up from an environmental standpoint?

  • 2 million acres of cropland avoided due to more efficient use of existing land
  • 30 million fewer pounds of herbicide
  • 100 million fewer gallons of fossil fuel
  • Enough water saved to fill 750,000 Olympic-size swimming pools

These findings are significant and it is only just the beginning of increased sustainability in the farming industry as precision farming adaptation continues.

Precision Farming For Your Harvest Season 

To implement precision farming tools for this harvesting season, our team at Pipe AG is here to equip you, your team, and your machinery with the tools you need to have a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line. 

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