PIPE AG Integrations: Agrimatics, iFarm, and More!

Integrations for PIPE AG

A lot of software programs are designed to work with propriety technology on a limited number of brands. This results in farmers having to buy into a whole new suite of tools and machines, which is expensive and frustrating. We took a different approach when creating our product. 

PIPE AG is designed to work with the machines and software you already use. 

For your equipment, all we need to do is install an iPad equipped with our software. Once it’s set up, PIPE AG can detect weights, location, speed, paths, and much more. As for software, PIPE AG can easily integrate with leading products such as iFarm, John Deere Operation Center, & Agrimatics/Libra Cart. This unlocks even more features, maximizing your harvesting efficiency. 

If you’re ready to get started, or you have questions about PIPE AG’s integrations with Agrimatics and other software platforms, click the button below. 

Improving Grain Carts Metrics with iFarm & Agrimatics 

If you’re an iFarm or Libra user, your apps can go directly onto our iPads. This replaces bulky indicators and cabling going to and from the cart. Here are the features you can enjoy with PIPE AG + iFarm or Agrimatics: 

Agrimatics & Libra Integration

Automatic Unload Detection 

Libra Cart automatically detects and records how much grain has been unloaded from your cart.  

Unlimited Remotes 

Every paired mobile device within range of the Libra Cart device can view live weights. Calibrate the yield monitor right from the combine.  

Data Sharing 

Harvest data can be shared through email and through the Aero cloud service to keep data secure and provide access from anywhere. 

Track Field, Truck, Destination, and Commodity 

The app allows you to create an unlimited number of fields, trucks, destinations, and commodities. 

Log Transfer Locations 

If your mobile device supports GPS, Libra Cart automatically records the location of each load. 

Configurable Units 

You can choose to display the weights in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), or bushels (bu). 

Adding Libra Cart/Agrimatics to Your PIPE AG Setup  

Adding Agrimatics to your grain cart is easy. The Libra Cart device mounts directly onto your cart, connecting wirelessly to industry-standard load cells through the junction box. The Libra Cart model we use is Bluetooth enabled and highly efficient, outlasting most harvest seasons on a single AA battery. Alternatively, it can be plugged into 12V power. 

No matter the weather, the Libra is designed to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures, not to mention the bumps and vibrations that come with harvesting. Thanks to its wireless functionality, the device can be updated remotely from your mobile device, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest features. 

For those who want even more features, there’s also Aero Pro. 

Agrimatics Aero Pro 

Aero Pro for Libra Cart includes the automatic data back-up feature and provides data syncing between mobile devices. If you have two or more grain carts collecting harvest data, Aero Pro will merge that data together. It will also allow other Pro mobile devices (those in trucks, combines, etc.) to see the unload transactions as well as field, truck, and bin totals in real-time when an Internet connection is available.  

This data can be viewed, edited, and managed on Aero desktop web application. 

A Simpler, More Efficient Harvesting Experience 

PIPE AG is designed to take the guess work out of harvesting. By itself, our product offers critical data such as how full your combine is, what weight your grain cart is at, where your trucks are, and more. It also provides Touch&Go Directions, allowing you and your team to navigate farmlands with high precision. 

Combined with Agrimatics Libra Cart, you gain access to even more metrics and vital information. 

If you’re using another system besides Agrimatics, that’s fine too. PIPE AG was created to play well with the existing software out there. Contact us today to learn how PIPE AG can upgrade your current system.