Cloud Based Ag Technology

The time has come when we are seeing one of the earliest and time-tested industries join forces with some of the newest technologies. While farmers have always had an eye on the weather and paid attention to the clouds, now they are looking at a new type of cloud. Cloud computing.

What is The Cloud?

Simply put, “the cloud” is referring to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your personal computer. Most cloud-based software can be accessed through web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) while other companies offer dedicated mobile apps.

The advantage of the cloud is that you can access your information on any device and anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing

You may be wondering, why do we need the cloud? Utilizing the cloud and cloud-based software can offer many benefits to all industries, including agriculture. Generally, the cloud can simplify a company’s computer infrastructure, this allows the company to focus on its core business, instead of having to invest in computer infrastructure.

Cloud-based apps and solutions have been created for different industries in an effort to allow companies to work faster and be better managed. Cloud-based companies have been found to be more adaptable to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demand.
One cloud computing service provider called cloudhypermarket .com carried out a study in which it was found that almost 70% of the users believe that utilizing the cloud simplified the IT management process.

How Can Cloud Computing Apply to Agriculture?

Now you may be asking, how can cloud computing effectively contribute to a vital role in agriculture?

In agriculture, cloud computing can help with real-time computation, data access, and data storage to farmers without having to know or worry about the physical location and management of the system they are using.

Some of the specific uses of Pipe Ag Technology include:

Harvest information

PIPE AG provides a suite of powerful precision farming tools that can be customized to meet the needs and size of your farming operation. It starts with our live view capabilities. With a quick glance at the screen, everyone on your team can see combine capacity within 1%, grain cart weights, and truck status.

Soil Information

Compaction can be damaging to your soil, especially if you’re harvesting while it’s wet. Though some compaction is unavoidable, it can greatly be reduced by keeping your tractors and grain carts on the same passes as much as possible.

With our digital farming software, compaction maps can be created in real-time, keeping your operators on as few paths as possible and protecting your soil.

Location Information

Navigating farmland isn’t always easy. You can’t simply send your driver an address. PIPE AG fixes this problem by providing “address-less” directions. Leveraging the power of Google Maps and modern GPS technology, PIPE AG is able to guide you and your employees to the exact spot you’re trying to reach with easy-to-follow turn-by-turn directions.

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking critical information like elevator dumps and mileage can be a hassle if you’re trying to do it with pen and paper. Not only does it take extra time and effort, but it’s vulnerable to human error. Tickets get lost, incorrect information is written down, or operators forget to capture information in the first place. PIPE AG simplifies the process while eliminating costly errors.

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