Simplifying The Harvest Process Through Digital Farm Records

The workload of a farmer goes far beyond the manual labor involved in planting and harvesting a crop. Farmers are bosses, managers, accountants, bookkeepers, and their own business owners. Just like any other business owner, no matter the size of the business, a lot falls on their shoulders.

Equipment maintenance, storage and facilities, order supplies, budgeting, managing their staff, are all examples of the long list of items a farmer oversees. That’s not including the part where they do and oversee the actual planting and harvesting and distributing their crop.

Much like any other industry, farming and agriculture have now turned to technology to help meet the demands of running a business and supplying their product. This newer wave of technology use in farming has been given the term precision farming as it helps farmers do just that.

PIPE AG has created a system of precision farming or digital farming tools that help farmers do their job with increased precision and efficiency.

Benefits of Utilizing Digital Farming

One of the greatest benefits of using digital farming technology is shifting farming from paper and pen and homemade spreadsheets to digital farm record keeping.

Digital farm records will simplify your farming processes in more ways than you can imagine. Not only will the human margin of errors be significantly reduced, you can be receiving and accessing records in real time.

As your grain trucks are filled you can know exactly how much they weigh. Every time a driver completes their dump ticket in the grain elevator that information can be accessed digitally, in real time.

Digital farm records can be used to track miles of each vehicle or machine and fuel purchases.

The practical implications of digital farming are endless and will simplify the day to day life of farmers and their employees.

As business owners, farmers can use digital farming records to make more accurate and informed decisions using the up to date data you are receiving and sorting each day. These records will help you make informed decisions to plan for the future planting seasons, ordering supplies, scheduling and much more.

Your overall ability to determine which practices are most profitable and efficient will rise as you lean into utilizing precision farming practices.

Farming in The Future

The benefits of using digital farming technology may seem like it would make it an easy and simple decision to make, but we know many farmers are still utilizing pen and paper tracking methods and their own created spreadsheets.

Farmers who are using these methods are doing so for multiple different reasons, however, we have seen time and time again that our easy to use precision farming software is easy to use, cost effective, and saves farmers time, money, and energy in the long run.

Let us help you implement a system that can be sustained for years to come into the future. As farmers, we know this industry is rich in tradition and we want to help the legacy and impact of your farm live on!

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