PIPE AG and Agrimatics

If you are new to the world of smart and precision farming, we want to say welcome! This new, and might we say improved, method of farming is harnessing the power of technology to increase efficiency and record keeping in everything we, as farmers, do. 

Precision farming has been growing in popularity over the past several years and today, there are multiple programs and softwares that have been developed to help you get started on the smart farming.

While having multiple options to choose from can be a good thing, we know it can also be confusing and make the transition to precision farming a little intimidating. This is why we created PIPE AG. 

PIPE AG is a precision farming software that is easy to install, simple to use, and pairs well with other smart farming tools you may want to use within our systems. 

Getting Started With PIPE AG

It all starts by getting set up with the right devices. By placing ipads in each combine, grain cart, and truck that is used for harvesting our software can connect them in real time, giving you critical data and locations. 

With PIPE AG you will be able to track vital statistics all from an ipad or mobile device. We will help you track:

  • Grain cart weight
  • Location of any machine or vehicle
  • Compaction maps 
  • Combine capacity
  • Addressless directions 
  • Billing
  • tickets

Integrating PIPE AG

The best part is, we specifically designed PIPE AG to integrate with other products and software on the market. We don’t want you to be limited to one software as we know each farm and farmer have different styles of operation. 

Whether you are already using software such as agrimatics or you’re looking for added features, it can all be run in tandem with our devices and software, giving you an even better precision farming experience. 

With PIPE AG and agrimatics/libra cart integration you will be able to do several things.

  • Automatic Unload Detection- track how much garin is unloaded from each of your grain carts
  • Unlimited Remotes – pair as many mobile devices as you want to our systems 
  • Data Sharing – easily share and access your smart farming data through email or aero cloud service
  • Track Field, Truck, Destination, and Commodity- The app allows you to create an unlimited number of fields, trucks, destinations, and commodities. 
  • Log Transfer Locations – record the location of each load 
  • Configurable Units – select whether you want your data to display the weights in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), or bushels (bu). 

Whether you are just getting started in adapting smart farming to your operation or an early adapter looking for enhancements, we want  to introduce you to how PIPE AG can enhance your experience and overall efficiency of your farm and harvest.

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