Precision Farming Vs. Traditional Farming

The new wave of farming is upon us. We may be biased, but we would also say the improved wave of farming is upon us. In the past several years, precision or smart farming has entered the scene and many farmers have taken the step to adapt to this new technology in their farming operation and are never turning back. 

Adapting new technology, processes and systems can be challenging, time consuming, and is likely going to be an investment into the operation of your farm. 

As a farmer, you may be wondering, is it worth it?

We understand this hesitation, as the ways of traditional farming have been in play for decades and have led to great success. With increased demand, however, it may start to get harder and harder to keep up without the help of smart farming tools. 

While adapting to precision farming may require an up front investment, we are positive in the long run the benefits of smart farming will save you time and money.

Let’s Take a look at how precision farming differs from traditional farming techniques. 

Digital Farm Records

The days of manual farm records done by paper and pencil or homemade spreadsheets are behind us. Digital farm records can now be automatically gathered, stored, organized, and accessed through smart farming technologies. 

As our software monitors your grain cart weight it is also helping you keep record. From truck mileage to elevator tickets, much of the farming process can be recorded and monitored through precision farming technologies.This streamlines and automates the process for everyone involved.

As a farmer and business owner, digital farm records also help you keep more precise records and enable you to make informed decisions based on the records you are keeping. 

GPS Monitoring 

Farmers used to send out their employees, trucks, and machines at the beginning of the day and hope to see them return again at some point. With smart farming GPS tracking of all your vehicles and machines allows you to be in control and aware of what is happening on your farm. 

Follow along from your screen as the job gets done. Know when to expect loads coming in and when a truck may be back for the end of the day.

With PIPE AG’s Addressless directions you can now send workers out to precise locations within your field with turn by turn directions opposed to vague directions using landmarks or guesswork. 

Compaction Mapping

Protect your field, soil, and harvest with compaction mapping. Instead of having machinery drive all over your field, use smart farming and PIPE AG’s compaction mapping to keep all vehicles on the same course. This will reduce compaction of your field and yield a better crop with healthier soil. 

Precision farming has a lot to offer that traditional farming never could. According to one study, “Precision farming promises to revolutionize farm management as it offers a variety of potential benefits in profitability, productivity, sustainability, crop quality, environmental protection, on – farm quality of life, food safety, and rural economic development.”

PIPE AG is ready to get you equipped with smart farming technology to take your farm to the next level of efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to get started!

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