Digital Farming FAQs

If you are a farmer, you have probably heard and seen that digital farming is making its mark on the world of agriculture. At PIPE AG, our digital farming tools bring you farming solutions that were created through a combination of technology (hardware and software) and the knowledge and expertise of years of farming experience.

If you are interested in implementing digital farming into your farming operations, you may first have a few questions.

You’re not alone. There are multiple frequently asked questions we would like to address in order to better equip you to implement our PIPE AG technology.

What is Digital Farming?

Smart farming refers to utilizing information and data technology to optimize farming systems and operations. It focuses on applying gathered data to allow farmers to intelligently optimize human labor productivity and increase the quality and quantity of their crops.

Precision farming is all about optimization. How can you use your tools, labor, products, and resources in the most precise way to get the highest yield?

Digital farming really encompasses both smart and precision farming to create this whole new way of farming. Digital farming practices can be applied to large agricultural corporations as well as smaller family-owned farms. Anyone can utilize software to help them better manage their farm operations through data!

How Will Digital Farming Increase my Crop Yield?

It all boils down to gathering all data streams (weather, soil, plant, irrigation system, etc.), analyzing them, and making optimal decisions. With digital farming, growers can optimize their irrigation strategies, map out their planting, and increase efficiencies in the harvest.

Farmers who utilize digital farming are able to grow more with less.

How Will Digital Farming Increase The Quality of My Crop?

Crop quality depends on precision. So in order to grow better quality, healthier crops, you need real-time accurate data.

With digital farming, you can remotely monitor in-field conditions to make fast decisions that improve crop quality.

Will Digital Farming Save Me Money?

Digital farming is already helping millions of growers around the world to reduce their costs in big ways.

For instance, compaction mapping means you are able to utilize more acreage of fertile soil and GPS directions mean less time is wasted in the field.

What Type of Farmers benefits from digital farming?

Any type of farmer! Digital farmers can achieve consistent gains every season no matter their climate, crop, location, farm size, or soil type.

What Digital Farming Solutions Does PIPE AG Offer?

For some, concepts like “digital farming” and “precision farming” just mean more busy work and information to juggle. PIPE AG does the opposite, simplifying the harvest process while streamlining data capturing and reporting through the following features:

  • Compaction mapping
  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time harvest information
  • Digital farm records
  • Adress-less directions

With PIPE AG, you can do more with less work.

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