Connecting The Dots of Farming

For years there has been something missing from the farming and agricultural industry that we are now just catching up on. When the rest of the world went digital, farmers across the country held on to time-tested and proven methods of manual work from labor to tracking and record keeping.

That is until farmers started to realize there are ways technology could enhance their operation while still holding on to time-tested methods of farming. PIPE AG is a farming software developed by farmers for farmers. This software was specifically made by a farmer who saw the gaps and farming inefficiencies and wanted to create a solution.

Many steps of the farming process can be enhanced through digital platforms or software.

Syncing Equipment

We have seen the world of yield maps, planting maps, hybrid maps, and other ag data go digital through Machinery Link and other online platforms. This allows farmers to search beyond their close proximities to find the right machinery for their needs and even know which job or field each piece of machinery is at and match up all the data seamlessly.

GPS Tracking

With the utilization of GPS in farming vehicles and machines you no longer have to wonder about the status of your drivers or have vehicles go missing for hours. You will know when your first truck goes out and when your last one will come in, without having to use the radio or play phone tag with the drivers.

Compaction Mapping

Better soil and healthier crops will be the result of utilizing digital compaction mapping. Help your trucks and tractors stay on the same courses through a digital map to reduce compaction all over your field.

Grain Weights

As a farmer, through technology, you can now have real-time access to view the weights of your grain carts. You no longer have to wait until the end of the day to accumulate all the data you need. Watch it come in through PIPE AG software in real-time as the work is being done.

Farm Management

Overall, the use of technology in farming will only continue to increase efficiencies and help farmers manage their farms. Eliminating guesswork and human error while accumulating data in real-time, PIPE AG software can help farmers make educated decisions based on the current state of their operation.

If you have yet to take the lead into smart farming, contact PIPE AG today to see how our software could be easily implemented on your farm.

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