Grain Elevator Tickets- Why Go Digital?

To your average joe, an elevator ticket may not mean much. Someone from outside the farmer or custom harvester community may not even know what an elevator ticket is. To someone who has been farming their whole life or a custom harvester, however, an elevator ticket is something you have dealt with on a regular basis. You may have even collected them the way other people collect receipts. That also means you may have lost or misplaced them and that means lost money.

As a farmer/custom harvester elevator tickets can really pile up as you drop loads at grain elevators day in and day out. Have you ever found a rogue ticket under your seat, in your jacket pocket, or floating around your vehicle? The system of using paper tickets and relying on farmers or custom harvesters to accumulate and keep track of and file these tickets is outdated, inaccurate, and cumbersome.

There is a Better Way

Instead of finding tickets from three months ago floating around and wondering “did we get paid for that?” you can implement digital farm records and simply go back and check to see if that ticket was accounted for.

PIPE AG digital farm records is changing the way farmers and custom harvesters manage their grain elevator tickets, taking out the guesswork and human error.

Here’s How It Works

Each custom harvester, farmer, or operator in your operation is trained to use our simple and user-friendly PIPE AG software. When they go to drop a load at the grain elevator, they will still receive their paper ticket, but they immediately have the ability to transfer that information in an electronic format that can be entered on an iPad and accessed from anywhere.

Our easy-to-use grain elevator tracking software will allow you to enter all the details of the drop from time, date, destination, ticket or load number, gross/tare/net weight, test weight, moisture, damage or protein. And many more that are customizable.

As a farmer, you now get real-time information as it is happening on your farm. Electronic grain tickets increase efficiency in the time it takes you to get the information and also eliminate the need to spend time storing and organizing tickets.

As information comes in, our system will store and organize all the data for you. You can even save and print data in PDF form, giving you a simple and easy way to read or look at the information. Now, that sounds a lot better than fumbling with a bunch of paper tickets, wondering if any are missing, doesn’t it?

PIPE AG isn’t just changing the way you manage your grain elevator tickets, but it can help you manage your whole farming operation more efficiently. Our software includes compaction mapping, address-less directions, GPS tracking, and grain cart weights. All this and more can be found at the tip of your fingers with our PIPE AG software.

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