Precision Farming Hardware & Software

As farmers who have benefited from precision farming methods, we fully believe that smart farming is the way of the future. We have smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, why not apply this use of technology we see in every other area of our lives to our farming practices?

We know farmers may be weary of implementing new technology to their farming operation. As an industry, the work has always been done manually with success for decades, which may have you wondering if technology is really necessary? How will my farm benefit from smart farming? How is it implemented into my farming operations?

These are all great questions that we have heard and can answer for you. As a precision farming company, PIPE AG works with farmers to successfully install and use our smart farming hardware and software with little to no disruption to their ongoing operations.

Smart Farming Hardware

Some of the best news we share with farmers who are considering implementing smart farming is that they don’t have to replace any of their trucks or vehicles. The PIPE AG hardware does not include bulky machines or crazy systems. The only hardware necessary to run PIPE AG smart farming tools is an Ipad.

As most people know, Ipads are small, light weight and give you a large screen that takes up very little space. There are very few cords to mess with and they are incredibly user friendly. For these reasons, we have seen Ipads integrate easily into the farming operations of all the farmers we work with.

The first step of utilizing PIPE AG smart farming software is to install the Ipads. This is something we personally come to you and do. Each combine, grain cart, and truck that is used for harvest will have an Ipad installed by our team.

This eliminates additional work for you and allows us to train you seamlessly on your new system. We think you will find the Ipads are easy to use and take up very little space within your machinery or vehicle.

Smart Farming Software

Now that you have the hardware installed. (That was easy, wasn’t it?) you’re ready to utilize the PIPE AG software. With each of your vehicles equipped to run the software you now have the ability to track their location at all times, create compaction mapping, view grain cart weight, combine capacity, and truck status.

Everyone on your team is now equipped with this real time information with a quick glance at a screen. This streamlined data should simplify your harvest process and certainly increase the efficiency of your farming and harvest operation.

Our software is designed to be user friendly. Whether you are a 15 year old farmhand or a 50 year farming veteran, this software can be useful to you.

Welcome to The New Wave of Farming

Our goal is that our digital farming hardware and software can be utilized to enhance your farming experience. The data collected will ultimately help you as a farmer and business owner make valuable informed decisions that lead to increased efficiencies and an overall better harvest.

Are you ready to join this new wave of farming?

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