Adding New Technology to Old Equipment

Like any other business and industry of this day and age, farming is experiencing the same rise in operating costs as the rest of the country. Unfortunately, in 2022 it costs significantly more to run a farm. From feed and fertilizers to gas and insurance, the prices are rising.

This also includes the cost of equipment. The average farmer will use about 15% of their expenses on equipment. Whether it is buying new equipment or repairing and maintaining older equipment. That is a big investment. 

It makes sense to have a big chunk of the budget allocated toward equipment. Good equipment is such a big part of an efficiently running farm. We all have seen the devastation and consequences of what happens when you are down even just one machine at harvest time. 

The digital farming industry is also aware of how valuable your farming equipment is. For this reason, they are constantly coming up with bigger and better models. The unfortunate truth is, however, that those bigger and better models also come with bigger price tags. 

What is Digital Farming?

Digital farming refers to utilizing information and data technology to optimize farming systems and operations. It focuses on applying gathered data to allow farmers to intelligently optimize human labor productivity and increase the quality and quantity of their crops.

Smart farming has a wide range of technology uses from IoT, robotics, drones, AI, and other software. Today, these systems are being integrated into new machinery.

Smart farming practices can be applied to large agricultural corporations as well as smaller family-owned farms. Anyone can utilize software to help them better manage their farm operations through data!

For many, however, it doesn’t make sense to go out and invest in state-of-the-art new machinery when the ones they have worked just fine. Is there a way to implement smart farming practices without such a hefty investment?

PIPE AG Technology

PIPE AG is a Digital farming hardware and software solution that enhances your existing equipment and dramatically improves harvesting efficiency. It starts by placing iPads in every combine, grain cart, and truck that’s being used for your harvest. Our proprietary software then connects each of these devices, providing critical data and locations in real time.

With PIPE AG, you no longer have to wonder about how full your combine is, what weight your grain cart is at, or when your trucks will be back. You can see all of this information, and more, directly on the app. Satellite imagery lets you see locations, provides directions, and even creates compaction maps.

Best of all, anyone can use it, and it’s designed to integrate with your existing equipment. 

PIPE AG allows you to turn your farming operation digital at a fraction of the price of replacing all your machinery. If your looking for an increase in efficiency on your farm and are ready to join the digital farming era, contact us today. 

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