5 Benefits of Using Digital Farm Records

There was a time when writing notes and records, spreadsheets, and paper receipts were incredibly helpful and effective when it comes to farm management. But much like every other industry, the time has come for farmers to advance into the future. 

Today, digital farm records are becoming the new gold standard of farm management practices. For good reason too! 

Why spend your time fumbling with a pen to paper and tracking down receipts when farm management software such as PIPE AG can do the work for you. 

More and more farmers are seeing the benefits of digitizing their farm record-keeping systems and they are never turning back. Have you experienced these benefits yet?

Easier Collaboration

Digital farming allows everyone on your team to be connected. Throughout all farming practices, you can keep an eye on where everyone is and their status for the day. Communication can be done at the click of a button, either to individuals or a whole group. 

You no longer have to stand around wondering where a truck is. With digital farming practices, you can monitor every truck’s location and easily communicate with each driver. 

Informed Decision Making

In the busy harvest season or even when planning for the harvest season it seems there is never enough time or information. Digital farm records will give you quick and easy access to current farm records all at the tip of your fingers. This will allow you to act quickly and make confident informed decisions. By having both current and historical information, digital farm records allow you to plan better for the future. 

Improved Accuracy

Digital farm records remove a lot of opportunities for human error. When grain cart weights are automatically tracked and elevator dump tickets are digital you never have to worry about someone forgetting to record the information or guessing and estimating. Digital farming is also referred to as precision farming because it allows you to be more precise and accurate in your farming practices. 

Accessible Information

As a central hub for your farm operation, digital farm records are accessible and shareable from virtually anywhere within your team. Share the big picture plan for your farm with your team or specific details with partners. Digital farm records eliminate the time and stress created by searching for paperwork and historical records. You can know it is all being kept safe for the future. 


As the saying goes, time is money. Digitizing your farm record may feel like a time investment up front but in long run it will save you countless hours of manual entering, sorting, and organizing data and paperwork. 

Utilize PIPE AG For Your Digital Farm Records

With more and more farmers harnessing the benefits of digital farm records more and more software companies are creating products. How do you know which is right for you? Many of the software options you will find will serve a different demographic. As for PIPE AG, we are here to simplify your harvesting process. 

For more information on how we can help you digitize this year’s harvest check out PIPE AG today!

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