Decrease compaction. Increase Yield. Take full control of your operation.

All of your equipment on one map.

Proudly based in Ohio, PIPE Ag is dedicated to helping farmers optimize their operations. Utilizing an iPad with cellular connection, our unique software platform, and a few easy to install sensors, we provide a turn key solution that helps you take back control of your farm.

Fleet Overview

See all of your equipment on one map regardless of vehicle manufacturer. This overview allows you to better track and understand the efficiency of all of your vehicles. 

Compaction Maps

Our software helps you to understand your field history so that you can minimize compaction and optimize route management.

Increased Efficiency

Better understand equipment usage and set up optimized routes in and out of your field. 

Want to learn more?

We love telling our story, and helping you take full control of your operation.  

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2323 Ridge Rd. Springfield OH 45502