What Do Farmers Do In The Winter?

As the temperatures drop and the ground freezes it’s time for farmers to settle in for a long winter’s rest, right?


While winter may not be quite as busy as spring, summer, and fall for most farmers, there is still much to do. The planting, growing, and harvesting seasons tend to keep farmers so busy that winter is a great time to catch up on the management of the farm. Of course, if farmers have any livestock, they must continue to care for those animals throughout the winter. What else does a farmer do in the winter?

Harvest Follow Up

A bulk of the harvest work is done by the time things start to freeze, but there are still lingering responsibilities to tie up. Many grain farmers use winter to transport their crops to processing plants and clear up space for the next year’s harvest. 

Land Maintenance

Additionally, farmers can take winter time to clean up and maintain their land and buildings on their farms. Fixing fences, clearing fence lines and debris, and maintenance on grain bins and barns all tend to happen in the quieter winter months. 

Machinery Maintenance 

Winter is also the time to be sure a farmer’s equipment and machinery are in tip-top shape. Any fixes, upgrades, and general maintenance should happen before planting season starts again in the spring. 

Winter is when most machinery trade shows are held. If a farmer is looking to upgrade their machinery or wants to see what is new, they may attend a few trade shows at this time. 

Winter is a great time to implement new farm management software like PIPE AG. PIPE AG is a technology company that was created by farmers, for farmers. Our hardware and software solutions bridge the gaps between all of the moving pieces involved in harvesting.

Business Operations

Owning a farm is so much more than physical labor and harvest. There is a whole business side to the operations that must be maintained. In the winter many farmers put on their business owner hats and take time to evaluate their finances. This includes looking at profit and losses, doing their taxes, reviewing land leases, and insurance policies, and planning for the future. 

If you are a farmer, you know this time of year isn’t as slow as some may think. Being a business owner and a farmer is a year-round job that slows down for no one. 

If you haven’t implemented smart farming practices into your farm operations, this winter could be a good time to do it. Our PIPE AG technology not only simplifies the harvesting process but also helps you in the business side of your farming, making it the ultimate farm management software solution. 

If you are interested in upgrading the technology in your farming operations, give us a call today. Maybe you will even get some time to take a break and enjoy the Holidays!

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